The world cancer day was celebrated by NCON under flagship of Medical Surgical Department-headed by Mrs. Reena Tiwari and coordinated by Ms. Deepika Ms. Vertika Ms. Mamta. Through Mime and Skit the students created a whelming environment of Why What and How of Cancer.   


  • Students should be strictly in uniform during college hours.

  • Faded dresses and uniforms will not be allowed and tie and shoes should be in proper condition.

  • Proper cleanliness and tidiness in dressing and appearance is a must for the students.

  • Students should not use hostel premises for washing and drying their cloths, this is in order to maintain cleanliness in the campus.

  • The 100% Attendance is expected in the college.

  • It is compulsory to have 100% attendance in clinical/Hospital duty.

  • If attendance is below 80% Aggregate then disciplinary action will be taken as per the INC norms.

  • Students are not permitted for going on outing on their own but they will be allowed to go outing only with designated teacher/warden as per the date decided by the management/ principal.

  • Guests are not allowed to stay on the premises.

  • Male visitors are not allowed inside the girl’s Hostel.

  • Consumption of alcohol/intoxicants/smoking is strictly prohibited. Anyone found indulging in the above will be liable to face disciplinary action from the managing committee of Naincy College of nursing.

  • Hostlers are responsible for the care and maintenance of furniture furnishings and fixtures provided to them at the time of admission. They are required to return the allotted furniture in good condition. Any damage of Hostel property is liable to lead to a collective penalty on all bonafide Hostlers of the Hostel. Residents are not permitted to use additional appliances such as coolers, heaters, and electric irons

  • Naincy College & Hostel is a NO-SMOKING ZONE AND NO ALCOHOL-ZONE. Students would be required to fill up separate undertakings to abide by these requirements. They would be required to give an undertaking to maintain discipline in the Dining Hall. No student shall be allowed to enter the Kitchen (except the members of Mess Committee).

  • The mess timings are to be followed strictly. No food will be served after the timing announced.

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