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Basic Guidlines of Placement for student

Placement Process

The Institute helps each student in exploring placement opportunities by inviting various companies for campus recruitment of students who are in the final year of the programme and are likely to graduate at the end of the academic year.
The final placements, at the Institute, are a result of very systematic interaction with the industry and continuous career counseling of the students. Right from the beginning of the programme, students are continuously counseled with regard to his/her career aspirations and options, which in turn is vigorously followed up with the potential companies for participating in the placement programme of the Institute. This not only helps the students in getting their ‘dream’ jobs, but also assists the visiting placement companies in identifying the ‘right’ candidate for their organization. However, the placement will be governed by Placement guidelines:

Planning for Placement

The placement activity is primarily managed by the Placement Committee headed by Director of the institute as Chairperson with the help of the Manager Corporate Relations and other committee members which includes faculties and students.

The Broad Activities Undertaken by the Placement Cell are:

Formation of Students’ Placement Committees for final placement and also for getting clinical training and hospital linked project work for students.
  • Preparation of Placement Brochure for final placement.
  • Pre-placement visits (PPV) to the hospitals.
  • Communication, networking and relationship building with the potential recruiters
  • Invitation to potential recruiters to visit the Institute.
  • Continuation of placement activities after the stipulated period, till all the students are placed
  • General follow-up, joining formalities and other administrative activities

Institute Placement Committee

The placement related activities, at the Institute, are carried out by Placement committee – it comprises of faculties from various departments of the institute. Student representatives who are in their final year are also appointed as committee members. The committee is headed by Director of the Institute and Manager Corporate Relations acts as a member secretary. The placement committee is usually formed in the month of July.

Student Registration for Placement

Students who are in their final year and interested in availing placement support from institute, will have to register themselves for placement. Those who don’t want any kind of placement support need not register themselves. Registration for placement is done by paying placement registration fees decided by the institute from time to time.

Placement Brochure

The Institute prepares a Placement Brochure, giving details of the students ready to be placed for the benefit of the students and potential recruiters. This brochure is subsequently shared with potential recruiters. The students registered for placement are included in this brochure.

Placement Eligibility

Students who fail to clear the academic exams & other formalities at the end of course, shall be removed from the placement process and hence will not be eligible for campus placement activities. Any major disciplinary actions will terminate the student from campus placement activities.

Placement Process

Once an organization shows interest in recruitment from the Institute, the students are asked to register their interest for the job. An email informing about the job opening and its details will be shared with the student coordinators and placement committee.Placement cell will try to get as much details as possible about the job profile. The registration of interest is to be done by students by filling the placement form. Only students who register for that particular job profile will be considered for the job opening and their names and CVs will be shared with the company. It will be responsibility of a student to keep his/her resumes updated with placement cell. Once the names of students are submitted, student is not allowed to withdraw from the selection process.
Sometimes companies come for Pre-Placement Talk / Group Discussion / Written Test and the shortlisted students are interviewed at the campus or off the campus. Alternately, some hospitals select students based on their CVs and may invite them for Group Discussions/Interviews at their offices.

Guidelines for Placements

The final placement is governed by certain guidelines, which are framed to facilitate the students to get maximum benefits. These guidelines are revised from time to time.

“Placement is not given, it has to be earned”


The placement cell has been consciously working towards bridging the gap that exists between Hospitals and academics. The college offers a full array of academic degrees and certificates, career training and personal enrichment courses. The college has a placement cell which was established in the year 2011-12. The purpose & scope of the placement guidelines is to define the overall structure the roles & responsibility of the teams working on the process of corporate relation cell. The guidelines will ensure that maximum no. of students get on –campus placement. It is Mandatory for all Eligible Students to appear in all Hospitals coming for Campus Recruitments, till they get placed or else they will be strictly debarred from the entire placement season.
  • The role of the SPO (Student’s placement office) is of a Facilitator and Counselor for placement related activities. SPO does not guarantee a job. Applying for a Job and joining the Nursing Related entities is entirely the responsibility/decision of the student concerned.
  • The placement facility is available to all the students registered with students placement office through the policy.
  • It is the prime responsibility of every student to check eligibility and other Details on, All information will be uploaded to this portal only.
  • Every student will be provided with a Campus ID Card. This will act as your Permanent Roll No. for all Campus Recruitment Related Activities.
  • The student will consult the concerned placement division and its representatives as they reach to Final year of their Course Curriculum.
  • The students will attend all the sessions delivered by the representatives of placement division for inculcating better professional ethics. The Presentations and sessions may include:
    • Professional questions asked during interviews.
    • Verbal and non verbal communication.
    • How to Speak Introduction about yourself.
    • Technical Jargons asked during Interview
    • Confidence and Motivational Skill Development
    • Personality Development for Professional Ethics.
  • Strict discipline needs to be followed by every student during the recruitment process. Any students found misbehaving or during misconduct will be debarred for the entire placement season.
  • Every student eligible for placement must read the placement bulletins displayed on placement notice board.
  • The Students will be given placement options in different areas of nursing based on their interest howsoever the sole discretion will be of Placement division for placing the student in desired field
  • Once the student do not turns up for the placement interview the placement division will not give second chance or interview option to the candidate. The genuine reasons can be taken up into consideration by the placement division authorities
  • The student once placed will not switch over the job or change her portfolio without bringing the proper cause of change in front of placement division
  • The contact number and address must be updated to the concerned placement division in charge in case of any change in number or address.
  • The Principal/ Placement officer, for any reasons, if receives adverse comments on the behavior and conduct of the students from the interviewers, such students with be subject to disciplinary action, as necessary and deemed fit.
  • Students should register their names in the placement office after verifying their primary eligibility conditions with their department placement co-coordinator. They should provide Xerox copies of all their marks statements while registration.
  • Formally disclose any disability which may affect the placement and for which they are seeking additional support during the placement
  • It is the responsibility of the students to see the notices and other information from the notice board of the placement cell at regular intervals
  • Advise the placement cell immediately of any incident or concern regarding their safety and well-being during the placement.
  • Many a times it can happen that the campus recruitment process can stretch till late night. All students have to inform this to their parents and should arrange their own transportation.
  • All students are requested to clarify all their doubts during the PPT presentation.
  • The Hospitals who are not doing a formal PPT will give a brief written profile which will be posted on the Placement Notice Board (or of the college Campus holding the placements. This will also be available to the student volunteers responsible for these Hospitals
  • Students are permitted to receive a maximum of one job offer only. A student shall be allowed to go through the selection processes, based on specified criteria, till she secures a job offer.
  • Students shall not request any organization to keep an offer pending. Any such request shall be considered as a serious breach of the placement norms.
  • They shall also not request their future employers to allow extension of deadline for communication of their decision regarding offers made by an organization. Such a job offer shall be treated as a final offer and the student shall not be eligible for placement assistance, thereafter.
  • All offers of a particular company shall be announced at the end of the selection process of that company. All offers shall be routed through the Placement Division.
  • Students must keep record of organizations and positions for which they apply.
  • Prepare completely for attending the various Written Tests, Group Discussions and Interviews, particularly in respect of the specific company for which they are appearing.
  • Students shall not, at the time of interview, negotiate with the employer about salary and terms different from what is announced earlier, unless the announcement specifies that the salary is negotiable.
  • While attending interviews, students must be punctual and come in formal dress only
  • Never take a cell phone into an interview
  • The students must observe and adhere to all codes of conduct rules specified by Placement Division. While answering questions in the interview, students should observe decorum. They should abstain from making any kind of derogatory remarks about others. The impact of the behaviour exhibited by the interviewees has at times reduced the opportunities available to future batches of students. Irresponsible behaviour, such as efforts to "market" oneself, derogatory remarks about other candidates or the university, negotiations other than those purported under the due process, will be seriously viewed. Such students may be denied further Placement Assistance

Placement Process:

All Hospitals generally follow the following process.
  • Written Exam (Aptitude / Technical Test).
  • Technical Interview (One to One).
  • HR Interview & Verification of Documents.
““ One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.””

Wishing you Best of Luck for Your Future
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