The world cancer day was celebrated by NCON under flagship of Medical Surgical Department-headed by Mrs. Reena Tiwari and coordinated by Ms. Deepika Ms. Vertika Ms. Mamta. Through Mime and Skit the students created a whelming environment of Why What and How of Cancer.   


  • The students are expected to come immaculately dressed in the prescribed dress for the day. Uniform and personal hygiene will be checked everyday.

  • The students are expected to be punctual in all circumstances. The late coming without any valid reason will not be tolerated.

  • Parents are required to inform the School immediately if there is any change in the address and telephone no. Naincygroup doesn't take the responsibility of any inconvenience to the students or the parents due to negligence on parents' part in this regard.

  • Any information conveyed by the School should be adhered to seriously so that it does not cause any inconvenience to either side.

  • All the belongings of the students e.g. blazer, ties, jerseys, skirts, trousers, shirts, shoes, socks & the stationery material must be named with class correctly and marked also so that they are not interchanged.

  • The students have to take care of their belongings themselves.

  • However the school will make all possible efforts to search if any belonging of the student is lost, but does not give the guarantee of procuring it.

  • Children are not allowed to bring any valuable or money in the school.

  • Toffee distribution only is allowed on birthdays

  • The School emphasises on regularity of attendance of the students and therefore makes 95% attendance mandatory . Exemption can be given only in cases of illness that too with strong evidence and certificate of a doctor

  • After sickness the student will be allowed to attend the classes only on producing fitness certificate of the doctor.

  • Absence before the vacation and after the vacation is not permitted and may lead to strict action of even striking the student's name off the school roll.

  • Absence without permission of the principal is sufficient reason for expulsion from the school.

  • Photograph required for participation in any competition or for any school document must be in school uniform.

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