The world cancer day was celebrated by NCON under flagship of Medical Surgical Department-headed by Mrs. Reena Tiwari and coordinated by Ms. Deepika Ms. Vertika Ms. Mamta. Through Mime and Skit the students created a whelming environment of Why What and How of Cancer.   

The School

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About Us

Naincy convent , Jeolikote, Nainitai, is a co-educational senior secondary , residential school established in the year 1993 by Thakur Shri Ram Singh, a down to earth educationist, philanthropist and philosopher .It is managed by the Naincy Convent Educational and Social Welfare Society which is registered under the society's Registration Act XXI of 1960. It is managed by an abled and experienced Mr. I.P. Singh (Managing Director) and Mrs. Manju Singh (Chairperson) who have dedicated themselves to the institution and are utilizing their talents and skills for achieving the best in the educational methodology

An ideal education forms and nourishes as wide a range of capacities and skills in our children as possible. Besides it enables, empowers and enlightens a person towards his duties to God, country and self.

How can we impart Ideal Education and get rid of unmindful struggle and loss of peace of mind?

Here comes the role of a school.

  • to introduce child with truth.

  • to preserve or to restore the innocence and the purity of heart, soul and mind of the child, If it could be done, learning become effortless & the child becomes capable of accomplishing more with less efforts.

  • Truly roots are to be watered not the leaves.

  • One child enlightened enlightens one generation.

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The Truth

The child needs to be accepted, respected, liked, trusted, encouraged, supported, activated, amused, able to explore, experiment & achieve while learning. Does it need Solomon's wisdom, Freud's insight, Einstein's knowledge and Florence Nightingale's dedication?

No, only the trust 'Child give me your hand. That I may walk in the light of your faith in me.'

Indeed a school and the teachers have a great responsibility yet the teachers are capable to do this miracle even with scarce tools.

It’s simple and sound-

‘Knowledge is structured in consciousness.' It is to be retrieved. Only an awakening is required and once sparked the flow of knowledge starts, perpetuates and abounds. The Naincy Convent School has come into existence to uphold with conviction the responsibility of introducing the children with the core truth in an ideal & model teaching learning.

  • Multimedia equipped classrooms. Audio visual aided learning.
  • Spacious, modern and separate Hostels for girls and boys.
  • Nutritious, homely meals form state of the art kitchens.
  • Well equipped Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Bio & Modern Computer lab.


I will set an aim for myself and to achieve that aim I will strive relentlessly. I know small aim is a crime. I will work with integrity and will be successful with it only. I will become a worthy member of my family, society, nation and the world. I will always endeavour to make other's life better without indulging in any discrimination of caste, creed, language, religion or region. Without any malice I will defend everybody's security and dignity of life. I will always be mindful of the importance of time. I will always work for clean earth and clean energy. Being the youth of my country, whichever responsibility will be entrusted upon me, I will work courageously to discharge it. And will always acknowledge others' success and will congratulate also on their success. I am as young as my faith and as old as my apprehensions. Thats why I will light the lamp of trust in my heart. My tricolour waves in my heart. I will earn pride for my country.


Children always know more than they can put into words: that distinguishes them from us adults, who usually put into words so much more than we know

J. Lusseyran

  • Parenting should come naturally, but unfortunately, we are bombarded with so much information and advice in today's media dominated world, that very often we lose our way.
  • Today's parents have difficult job to do, instilling values whilst beating back the many insidious evils that surround their children in this modern world.
  • With a little awareness and effort we can give our children the best in life a feeling of self-worth and a feeling that every onstage is put in their paths only to be conquered.
  • What the children need is parents who are willing to understand what their behaviour is trying to say. Children often haven't the language to express their worries and fears. Instead they use behaviours sometime challenging, to say what is going on inside them.
  • We need clean insights into ordinary childhood patterns including sibling rivalry and problems brought home from school.
  • We the parents need perfect children. Do the children also need perfect parents? No !
  • It has been said that the first rule of medicine is to do no harm. The first rule of communicating with children is the same. There are all kinds of verbal pitfalls that can build roadblocks and prevent parents and teens from understanding each other. What the parent need is to choose, what to say, how to say it, when to say it and more importantly decide when to just listen.
  • Despite communication frustrations parents have to keep it up realising that talking does have an impact, even when it doesn't seem working. The parents are engaged in an exciting exchange of ideas, values, hopes and dreams with a young person who is searching for support not condemnation. The parents have to provide their children the gift of a listening ear and the legacy of godly counsel.

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