The world cancer day was celebrated by NCON under flagship of Medical Surgical Department-headed by Mrs. Reena Tiwari and coordinated by Ms. Deepika Ms. Vertika Ms. Mamta. Through Mime and Skit the students created a whelming environment of Why What and How of Cancer.   


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Though the school runs under C.B.S.E. and it follows the academic syllabus prescribed by the C.B.S.E along with the regular curriculum, co-curricular activities are an integral part of our training right from 1st std. In the present given patterns of curriculum, the unique talent of the child can easily be identified before he reaches the middle school or upper primary section. As our Class-rooms are designed and constructed by experts, the learning becomes so natural and spontaneous to any child in the class-room. Since the number of students in each class-room is not more than 35, the teachers are able to give maximum individual attention to each child even while teaching the students collectively. The possible leadership quality in every child is explored during the early academic days and every child is encouraged to take up leadership in conducting or coordinating one or the other activity quite frequently. In the Sr. Secondary section, besides the compulsory academic subjects, the school is giving the opportunity to the class XI & XII Science student for the coaching preparation. It is mandatory for every student to attend the coaching for IIT & PMT.

The following options are available to the students who pass standard 10th:

Science Stream

  • Medical & Non-Medical Stream
  • English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics/Computer Science/Physical Education.

Commerce Stream

English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics/Computer Science/Physical Education

Preschool/Pre-primary (Junior) Wing

NAINCY has one of the most comprehensive Pre-Schooling Programmes. Our Preschool Wing is very comprehensive in its approach with personalised attention, provision of healthy, nutritious and hygienic meals for the little ones, stress on good habits, etiquettes and extra help for the difficulties of the children. Parents appreciate the satisfaction that comes from knowing that their children are in a professionally supervised environment and are being taught by caring and capable mentors & facilitators in a safe and happy environment.

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